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The outsourcing of the IT support service guarantees rapid and qualitative handling of complaints from users. This offer is also a financially advantageous solution compared to internal management. ProTech Consultant is a specialist in technical support and remote maintenance for companies.

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In the digital age, IT infrastructures are a lever for performance and efficiency for companies. In Protechconsultants we insure the optimal management and operation of the information system is of strategic importance in the decision-making of managers and the achievement of objectives.
Our high-performance IT system guarantees the availability of the company's services, but also the security of its data, hence the benefit of having the support of experts.
The IT support service we are providing is dedicated to technical assistance and support requests made by users. These are all employees, who may encounter difficulties with the use of software or hardware, but also customers.

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Managing the IT support department internally is often problematic as the company has to incur significant expenses in purchasing equipment and hiring staff. Fortunately, Protechconsultants offers the ideal compromise between the need for performance and cost reduction.
Businesses of all sizes fear that their business will be crippled by a computer failure. To reduce the risk of such an incident occurring, recourse to our specialists service providers is the best alternative.
Protech Consultant offers a wide choice of flexible services to provide high-quality, flexible IT support services. We are a company specializing in outsourcing, IT consulting, hardware maintenance, and the implementation of software solutions, with recognized expertise in customer support.

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Getting support from a service provider specializing in IT support is a strategic choice for any business looking for competitiveness. It makes more sense to use outsourcing, knowing that you don't always have the skills or the means to effectively manage user requests.
With ProTech MENA, support can be set up in the format of your choice: outsourced, internalized or in KIOSK mode (call center).
Our teams are made up of helpdesk technicians and ITIL certified consultants able to handle a large volume of requests and requests for hardware, software, and other IT support.
We set up different levels of intervention to support users in their requests: a basic intervention of the remote assistant for general problems, more specific on the part of a technician capable of carrying out a diagnosis and taking action. remote, or specialized when it comes to particular software.
Our IT support service outsourcing offer adapts to your company's needs and allows you to anticipate your IT budget.
The ProTech MENA expertise also offers tailor-made IT maintenance services for your IT infrastructure, equipment, and networks. Also take advantage of the benefits of HERA, our integration, and implementation offering for software solutions.


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