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Do you know that, around 130 million smartphones are sold per month worldwide! In recent years, this means of telecommunications has taken a very important place in our society. Do you have someone around you who does not have a phone? There is very little chance that the answer will be “yes”. The main objective of an application is to save mobile users time and also to reduce their efforts when searching. Our experts team is ready to develop the app with the features your business needss.

Mobile App Developer

Nomadism also affects the digital world. No wonder the number of mobile app users is exploding. The daily time spent using them is 3 hours, according to the annual App Annie survey of mobile applications. It must be said that the advantages of their use are numerous. And this also applies to companies: applications are a communication and loyalty tool, they generate traffic and allow sales.
To achieve this, In Protechconsultants we have made it a rule to offer the most innovative products possible. Constantly evolving, both in terms of technology but also in terms of trends, we are constantly adapting them so that they are at the forefront of the best. Which places us today among the best specialists in the design of applications.
Whether it is for the development of a mobile application specific to a terminal or to a plurality of downloadable platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, and tablets), we do better than support you since we are, and that is what makes our difference, force of proposals. We analyze your request and bring all our know-how to a market that we know perfectly well since we have been in it since its inception.

Mobile App Developement Agency

Perhaps to meet your demand, the mobile application is not the ideal solution? Our expertise in this area allows us to answer you! And eventually, to bring you the solution that suits you best.
But maybe the creation of a mobile application also makes good sense? If so, please note that in addition to the creative aspect and the ease of use, we are developing a “tailor-made” mobile smartphone application. We are able to perfectly meet your specifications, whether in terms of objectives, features, or ergonomics.
To achieve this, our mobile app development agency is made up of the best iOS / Android creatives and developers in the industry. The goal is to create a mobile application that is as rich and as easy to use as possible. Our field of investigation covers all areas: from the creation of games to the development of mobile business applications. A fun experience or an innovative work tool, the mobile application is now part of your projects. What if we share it ...?

Mobile App Developement Consultant

The value of hiring a mobile app development agency to create your own is twofold. Applications generate traffic and when it is a business desire, revenue.
In addition, the sectors are numerous, even infinite. Among them, we can cite: mobile games, services enabling localization (GPS), banking operations, order tracking, purchase of tickets (travel, concert, etc.), announcements (purchases/sales, offers of employment…), mobile medical applications, listening to music, radio, viewing videos or television channels, consulting the Internet, social networks (like Facebook)…
Downloadable or not, mobile applications can also serve as a vector of communication for companies that want to exchange with other companies (B to B). An application can even be developed inside a structure, for internal use. The field of use is therefore immense with the backdrop of the possibility of “stimulating” communication both internally and externally and to meet various and varied objectives.


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