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In IT, hardware refers to the physical part of devices, telecommunications, storage, and peripherals in general. This term is used to distinguish the "case", electronic circuits and components of a computer from the program installed to enable it to perform tasks. The program is called software.

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Software and hardware are generic terms. The hardware, in addition to the computer itself, includes cables, connectors, power supplies, and peripherals (keyboard, mouse, speakers, printers ...).
Hardware is also a generic term sometimes for physical aspects of network infrastructure. Our company consists an IT department that has a whole army of experts. Each has its place and its role - from technicians and administrators to developers and network administrators, who maintain and improve the IT infrastructure of your company's business operations on a daily basis. Either you're a small business or big firm our IT company is the suitable for your business.

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Small businesses certainly do not have IT services, which is normal and predictable, as their needs and possibilities do not justify such an investment. Experience has shown that companies with around a dozen computers don't perform very well that's why they should hire service provider to solve common maintenance problems that are beyond the knowledge and ability of the employees themselves. this is where our role comes, in addition, companies with around 30 computers clearly need to hire an expert who would deal with various issues in the information and communication technology field on a regular basis, not only at the level of ongoing maintenance but also at the level of the development strategy and the implementation of new technologies in the business environment.

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Whether you are a small, medium or large business, managing the information system is essential to the future prosperity of your business. In most cases, strategic IT management is exclusively in the hands of those who run the company - the director, often the owner of the company. Its main objective is to steer the core business in a sustainable direction, which involves the development of the market presence and the judicious balance between income and expenditure. When information technologies are at stake, and particularly today, in times of great challenges and many opportunities, a typical manager does not have enough time to have a thorough knowledge of all the opportunities offered and even less to deal with strategic issues. In such an environment, there is a lack of good management in the field of applied information technology at the enterprise level.
ProTechConsultant offers a wide range of IT and cloud support services. Service Desk: remote and on-site assistance, 24/7 monitoring and daily control of backups, installation, configurations, and repairs, support for desktops, servers, and infrastructure, and IT consulting.


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