GPS Tracking System


We provide the hardware, tracking service, installation, system implementation, training and if required, custom programming. Because we are an independent distributor we have the luxury of selecting the highest quality products at the most advantageous pricing. All GPS Tracking systems share the same satellites so once again we have selected the company which, in our opinion and that of many others, provides the most effective and well managed global wireless network. Our products and services are state of the art and feature rich at very reasonable prices and we are proud to be one of the largest Trader in the UAE.

A higher vehicle tracking system lets you know where your vehicles going on and when vehicles will reach your destination for pickup or delivery, even how quick vehicles are traveling. With full monitoring capability, you can give excellent customer service and handle a well your business all around. We are offering GPS tracking system for truck, buses and car that provide you the best way for your safety and security.


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