Call Billing System

Call Billing System

Every organisation can best manage their most critical asset, telecom network by maintaining complete set of accurate records that gives a deep insight into each and every call addressed in your firm. Validating the billed reports helps to identify the areas where expenses are mostly incurred and immediate measures can be implemented to optimise the usage of telecom network.

The Call Billing System is a user-friendly call expense management system integrated with robust telecommunication tariff, call & cost management and feature-rich voice recording capabilities to provide full visibility into the organisational telecommunication network with unparalleled ease and incredible management.

With the implementation of Call Billing System, the higher level management can easily identify the inbound and outbound calls. The supervisor has the complete knowledge of how many calls are coming in, when they are coming in, how long each call lasts, etc.

with accurate costs through the billing reports. It helps to reduce call costs and control the telecom budget in a short time.

Continuous evaluation ensures operational efficiency, efficient telecom utilization and sustained profitability in an organisation. The system supports logging of all incoming and outgoing calls for a single line, as long as your phone system supports this feature. Billing Software helps to maintain accurate record-keeping.


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