Retail Quality Management System


RQM “Retail Quality Management ”  is a Video/Audio recording system with desktop screen capturing during the interaction between the customer and customer service representative to monitor the behavior of the representative or the employee with web interface to manage the system, view and evaluate the saved transactions.

Unique features is that the solutions offered can be customized, and additional functionalities can be added flexibly upon new requirements. This is especially important for new services where the business model is bound to alter from the original inception. The flexibility in change in these situations can be the deciding factor in the success or failure of the service.

RQM is built on an open architecture and modular design, which makes the scalability more feasible. Expansion in recording capacity can be easily done by stacking software and hardware components. In a multi-site environment, new locations can be supported through the distributed architecture that RQM is built on.


  • Liability recording for Agent/Client interactions
  • Control Quality of Service offered to customer base
  • Swiftly respond to different situations through the online monitoring module

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